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Frquently Asked Questions

  • What is Arbitrade.pro?

    Arbitrade.pro is a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform. It monitors cryptocurrency exchanges. It is constantly searching for arbitrage opportunities. It allows to trade on the arbitrage opportunities with the use of bots. These Bots are easy to configure and manage. Bots make possible for small investors to participate in arbitrage trading and earn more profits than they would be able to make if they tried it on their own.

  • What should I do to register on your website?

    You need to submit your valid email and create a password. Then you will receive a confirmation letter on your email.

  • How Can I Start Earning?

    Choose one arbitrage opportunity on the "Arbitrage" page. Then, create a bot by selecting the amount that you want to trade. You may configure other variables. The bot will start to perform the trade operation automatically. When the trade is completed you will receive the profits in your wallet.

  • How long it take to perform an Arbitrage Operation?

    The exact time necessary to carry out the operation depends on the difficulty of deposit and withdraw for the exchanges involved. Most Arbitrage opportunities are completed after a few days. A countdown next to each trade shows the approximate remaining time.

  • What happens if the rate of one market changes suddenly?

    Cryptocurrencies prices fluctuate constantly. A sudden change in one market can cause an operation to be no longer profitable. To avoid this, we only offer arbitrage opportunities that have enough margin of profit, so that small changes can not cause a negative return. In rare cases, large changes over a short period of time can cause that you take losses. If you do not want to take the risk, you can choose the "Fixed Rate" option when you create a bot.

  • What is the "Fixed Rate" option?

    If you set this option to 'Yes' when creating a bot, it will reserve the required amount of currency at the current exchange rate at the destination market. The profit of your operation is guaranteed and you avoid the risk of losses caused by market fluctuations. If you choose 'Fixed rate' the service fee is 40% of profits instead of 20%. Example: You choose an arbitrage path that sells at 10000 USD/BTC in one market and later buys at 5000 USD/BTC in another market. The operation needs a week to be completed, so prices in the final market may change during this time. By Selecting the 'Fixed' Rate' option, the bot is going to 'pre-buy' the necessary amount of BTC at 5000 USD/BTC.

  • What is the "Repeat Automatically" option?

    If you set this option to 'Yes' when creating a bot, it will repeat the trade automatically while it is profitable. At the end of a complete trade (cycle), the returned amount is going to be used as the initial amount of the next cycle. If the returned amount is bigger than the maximum allowed for the path, only the maximum amount is going to be used. With this option, you keep your position in the queue and compound your profits.

  • What it the minimum amount required to invest?

    You can check the minimum amount required to create a bot next to each arbitrage opportunity. If you want to invest bigger amounts, you can create multiple bots or choose a different arbitrage path.

  • How much are the platform fees

    Our service fee is 20% of the profits of an arbitrage trade. Please notice that the ROI value shown next to each arbitrage opportunity already includes the service fee. A 1% fee is deducted from all withdrawals to cover transaction management costs.

  • How the Affiliate Program works?

    Arbitrade.pro will pay you a commission for any referral that you send through your sites/banners/links/etc. Whenever one of you referrals receive a payment for a completed trade operation, you will earn a percentage as a commission. The commission is the 10% of the profits of the operation. Example: Your affiliate creates a bot with an initial amount fo 1 BTC. At the end of the trading process, he receives a total of 1.5 BTC, that means 0.5 BTC in profits. You are going to receive 10% of 0.5 BTC, that makes a commission of 0.05 BTC.