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ARBITRADE.pro is a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform. It monitors cryptocurrency exchanges. It is constantly searching for arbitrage opportunities. It allows to trade on the arbitrage opportunities with the use of bots.

Key Features

Feature 1
Realtime Data

We constantly monitor hundreds of currency pairs on multiple exchanges and detect arbitrage trade opportunities.

Feature 2
Auto Trading

You can define unlimited number of bots on different arbitrage paths that will perform all the tasks automatically (deposit, trade, withdraw).

Feature 3
Protected Funds

Security is our top priority. We have built State-of-the-art cryptocurrency systems to keep your funds safe.

Feature 4
Easy to Use

No specific technical knowledge is required to create bots and trade. Get started in just a few clicks.

How it works

Our arbitrage paths follow several steps across multiple trading pairs.

Deposit Crypto to Exchange A

Step 1

Trade Crypto to Fiat on Exchange A

Step 2

Withdraw Crypto from Exchange A

Step 3

Trade Fiat to Fiat on Forex

Step 4

Deposit Fiat to Exchange B

Step 5

Trade Fiat to Crypto on Exchange B

Step 6

Withdraw Crypto to your Wallet

Step 7

Wordwide Network

Our bots are able to connect to the main forex markets and brokers to get the best exchange rates for fiat currencies.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate image

The affiliate program is our special feature for loyal customers. The program provides a unique way for you to earn 10% of profits for each trade that is made by another signed up person through your referral link. The reward is given at the moment that a trade is successfully completed.

1. Promote Advertise Arbitrade.pro on your website or social network using your Referral link.

2. Get Referrals Your visitors are redirected to Arbitrade.pro and become your Referrals.

3. Get Commissions Earn money every time that one of your Referrals completes a trade in Arbitrade.pro.